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Records of Concern Settings

Setting up emotions/words as record of concern and getting alerts

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Records of concern is a way by which school can identify, flag and notify a mood check by emotions/words as a concern. Student responses to mood check with the matching emotion or word will be added to the concern list notifying the assigned member/user at the school.

☝🏽Note - Record of concern settings recently has been moved out from under 'Additional Settings' to the respective new Version Settings of mood checks.
​Old - Mood Check Settings > Additional Settings > Records of Concern
​New - Mood Check Settings > Version Settings (respective) > Records of Concern

Learn about all the settings listed under Record of Concern :

(click on pointers above to jump to that specific section)

1) Toggle Record of Concern - ON/OFF

A radio button to switch ON/OFF the records of concern. If the button is toggled to left i.e. OFF - no emotions or words selected/added by the students in the mood check will be flagged and notified as a concern. Also all the other options under record of concern will disappear if toggled off.
​By default when a new version of a mood check setting is created, ROC is switched OFF.

Orah ROC Toggle On/Off

2) Selecting emotions

When ROC is toggled ON, by default all the emotions from the 2 quadrants - of Low Happiness (25 each) will be displayed as record of concern
- Admin users will be able to keep from the list of emotions which the school thinks should be part of the concern list.
- To remove an emotion from the exisiting list simply click on the cross beside any emotion.
- To add other emotions from the 2 High Happiness quadrant as the concern, simply click on the blank area, other 50 emotions will be displayed to select from. Click on the emotion to add to the list. Earlier removed emotions if any will also be displayed here.

Orah ROC Select Emotions

3) Keywords in the additional note

Addition to the emotions, school can also add words manually that needs to be flagged as concern. When a student adds a note at the end of mood check, any words if matched with the keywords manually added by the school, the mood check will be flagged/marked as record of concern in the Mood Check Summary and Records.

If the words are not required, simple use cross mark beside the word tab or use the delete button moving with the help of arrow keys on the keyboard.

☝🏽Note - keywords are subjected to get flagged by matching exactly. For example if the keyword entered in settings only has combined words 'harm self' and a student adds only word 'harm' in additional notes, it will not be flagged as record of concern. It will be flagged as concern only when a student adds the exact combined words 'harm self'.

4) Automatically suggest support staff to students

- When toggled ON, if a student selects or adds any emotion or keyword which is defined as record of concern as above in the settings, support staff or counsellor added by the school will be suggested/displayed to the student at the end of the mood check.

- When toggled OFF, no support staff or counsellor will be displayed to the students at the end of the mood check.

5) Notifications - When to notify? and Who to notify?

When to notify ?
Now add multiple criteria, for different sets of concern to different staff members at once. Under the notification tab click on + Add criteria -the default setting below will show up.

There are two options as to when to notify the ROC i.e. in a row or in total (within days), as below. School can choose combination of both the options by adding more than one criteria.

  • When students have_____Records of Concern __in a row__

  • When students have_____Records of Concern __in total__ within ____ days

Who to notify ?

  • Notify their assigned staff - if a student's mood check is marked/flagged as record of concern, and the check box to this option is checked with a blue tick then a notification will be send to the staff/admin who is assigned to the that particular student (their are multiple ways to assign students to staff, read more here).

  • Notify Key staff - about students to ensure no records go unnoticed - Checking this option with a blue tick will insure that selected key staff will receive all record of concern notification regardless of their mood check permissions. After checking the box select the user individually as key staff.
    An example of all the possible settings to notify a mood check as concern :

Notification Methods :

There are two methods/channels of notifications Email & Push to choose from.
- Email - if checked this will send an email for a mood check with record of concern to the assigned staff member of the student.
- Push - if checked this will send an email for a mood check with record of concern to the assigned staff member of the student.

☝🏽Note - Who to notify ?* can't be left without selecting the required fields and will show error while saving the mood check version setting '*Please select at least one checkbox for whom to notify'. This is validation that if the toggle is switched on, at least one of the who to notify options must be selected. Same is with the channels of notifications, any one must be selected or else it will show an error - '*Please select at least one channel'.

Tip - Don't forget to hit save after making changes to the settings

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