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Bulk Upload Student Photos
Bulk Upload Student Photos
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When you are ready paste the link below into your browser:

This will take you to the photo-upload page.

Note: It's a hidden page in the software as it is usually only used once per year.

You will see a drop down menu, there are two possible formats that it accepts:

  1. Student reference ID,

  2. Last name then first name i.e (Last_First.jpg) - Case sensitive.

Click the highlighted box below to choose your format.

Note: Photos must be under 1MB (megabyte)

Once you have chosen, then click 'Choose Photos to Upload'.

Select all the photos you want to upload. The tool will now display a summary of information tallying:
- Number of selected photos
- Number of your total students
- Number of photos that match a student.

Once you hare happy with that, simply click on 'Complete student Import'.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with by clicking on the blue chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of this screen.

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