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General guideline for the support services we offer

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At Orah we are committed to making sure you get world-class support when using our product.

Our Help Guides are comprehensive and regularly updated. The majority of software-related queries can be answered by searching through these pages. These are found at

Our main form of communication is provided via an In-App messenger service* or directly by email at We offer a 24/7 support service, with an average response time of less than 30 minutes.

*The In-App messenger is available once you have an Orah account. You will be guided on how to do this on Web-App and iOS App during the onboarding training.

Where it is feasible we also offer phone support exclusively for your staff. Our Customer Success Managers are able to distinguish which issues will benefit from a phone call.

Orah will assign your school 4 x 1-hour training sessions at the start of your contract. Any additional formal training will incur an extra charge. If you would like to learn more about training, please contact support.


Assigning stakeholders is how we organize and attribute responsibility for all queries. Each stakeholder plays a different role in the support process

  • Customer Success Manager

  • Orah Administrator

  • School Staff

  • Parents/Students

Your school will be assigned a Customer Success Manager (CSM) by Orah. They are responsible for assisting you at all stages of the onboarding process. They will help you with:

  • Implementing and setting up your data

  • Organizing training sessions

  • Ongoing support

  • Regular check-ins

During the first stages of onboarding a ‘Orah Administrator’ will be appointed by you from within your team. Whenever the school needs to be contacted, Orah will first try to reach this person. Note: Where needed, there can be more than one staff in this role.

Once your school have adopted using Orah, you will be considered a fully active customer. At this stage the CSM will perform less frequent check-ins unless there is a specific reason. You will still be entitled to 24/7 support. To understand the general process for our support queries please read below.

Support Process 

There are many types of queries you will encounter. But most fall into one of two basic categories: General, or Technical:

General Queries

A general query arises whenever a user cannot find a way to complete a task. The help pages are the first resource we recommend checking in this instance. Where the help pages aren’t able to resolve the query, it is then escalated. Boarding staff should be able to solve most of these sorts of queries from Students/Parents. Where these staff are not sure, the Orah Administrator should be able to solve the query. Of course the In-App support is there for all the Staff to use whenever they have a query of this nature. The CSM may choose to respond with a link to the help page, or refer the staff to an Administrator.

The Customer Success Manager should be contacted whenever the Orah Administrator is not able to answer a query, or believes the query could be an issue which is not something they are able to solve.

In any situation where the Customer Success Manager can provide information to help the Orah Administrator solve the issue themselves, this will be the best approach. Therefore future queries may be solved without being escalated.

Technical Issues

Queries that don’t seem to have an obvious answer might be something that can only be resolved by escalating the issue to the Customer Success Manager.

When an issue is raised by a member of staff, they should first check with their Orah administrator. If the administrator cannot resolve their issue help them, they are welcome to email or message our support team at: (or through the In-App messenger).

Technical queries may require the assistance of our development team. Depending on the level of escalation this may take anywhere between 3-10 working days to resolve.

If you are unsure whether or not the query is a technical or general query please send us an email or in-app message with as much detail about what you are experiencing as possible. The support team will be able to assist you in figuring out what type of query it may be.

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