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How to schedule a Recurring Pass for students?
How to schedule a Recurring Pass for students?

Follow this simple step by step guide to schedule a recurring Pass for your students.

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Task: In this guide, we will go through the steps to schedule a Recurring pass for your students on Orah. By following these instructions you will be able to schedule leave once for your students which can be used for multiple days depending upon your selection.

Prerequisites (if applicable): The Pass configuration of the leave should have

(i) Departure and Return time enabled

(ii) Recurring Pass toggle enabled.


Step 1

From the Homeboard view, select the student or students you wish to sign out on the Pass of your choice.

Step 2

Click on the Pass option from the banner and select the leave type you wish to schedule.

Step 3

Fill in the details such as Location, Hosts, Departure time, Return Time, etc if required.

Then select the Pass recurrence as Recurring and set the days you want the leave to repeat.

Step 4

Now you need to set the ending pattern which means how you want to end the preparation for the leave.

Ends Never: Set this Ending occurrence if you want to student to sign out on this leave permanently.

For example- A Gym pass that students will use throughout their tenure in the school.

Ends On: This option allows you to set a date on which the preparation of the leave should end.

Ends After: Use this option if you want the leave repetition to end after a certain occurrence.

For example - The annual day dance practice leave pass ends after 4 occurrences.

Once done, simply hit on Save to confirm the changes.

Outcome: With these steps, you will be able to schedule students on repeating leaves.

You can view the Pass details of any student to view the recurring details.

Further Reading:

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