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Log and view wellbeing notes for your students

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What are Pastoral Notes?

Pastoral notes are a way for you to communicate and log well-being notes for an individual student or multiple students.

Pastoral notes are a powerful tool as they allow you to assign a pastoral type & sub-type, name the event, provide a description, and add any additional notes. There is also the option to mark this note as sensitive and to add this to the watchlist. Sensitive notes restrict who can review these notes and the watchlist will add an icon next to your student's name so it flags other staff members of this event.

Adding, Editing & Sharing Pastoral Notes

Adding Pastoral Notes

  • From the Homeboard on the web app, make your student selection then click on 'Pastoral' at the top of the screen.

    Or, when hovering over the student's name, you will see a drop-down menu with the 'Pastoral' option.

    Choose the pastoral category (and subcategory, if applicable) and fill in the incident details, actions taken, any additional notes, and toggle on if you wish this information to be added to the watchlist and/or marked as sensitive.

    Note: If a note is marked as sensitive, anything written in the 'note' field will be hidden from staff members without access to 'Sensitive Pastoral'.

    Finally, you can choose whether you want the student and/or the student's connected parent(s) to receive a notification about the Pastoral record. Any staff members that have notifications set for the student will automatically be notified.

    Press the "Save" button to save this record directly to the student profile.

  • Pastoral notes can also be added right from within the Student profile, and will be saved there, in the records section:

Editing Pastoral Notes

  • To edit a Pastoral Note from the student's profile, navigate into the student profile and then to the 'Records' section. Use the filter to show only Pastoral notes, and click on the note. Then use the three dots on the right side of the popup to edit.

    Note: If you do not see the edit option, you have not been given permission to edit records by your school's Administrator. Contact an Admin in order to request that the record be edited.

    If you have added this item to the 'Watchlist', you can then review the pastoral record by simply hovering over the icon on each student's Home Board Tile, as shown below:

    You can use the Watchlist filter on the right side of the Home Board to only view students on the Watchlist, and click into each Watchlist type to further filter:

    To edit a Pastoral note that is on the Watchlist, hover your mouse over the icon on the student's profile card and click on the note.

    Select the three dots at the top right of the popup and select 'Edit'.

Sharing Pastoral Notes

  • Pastoral Notes can be shared with other staff members within Orah. One summary can be shared at a time to multiple staff. To share the record, click on the 'Share' button found on top right hand side of the record/note.

    This will open a dialogue box where name of staff(s) needs to be entered. Their is also an option to add note which will be added in the email notification received by recipient staff member upon sharing the note/record.

    Upon sharing the summary, recipient staff member will be receiving an email notification as shown below :

    In-case of wrong share or for other reasons, the access of the summary can be revoked by using the same Share button. Staff members with whom the summary has been shared, will be listed out in the same share summary dialogue box. Use the X cross button to revoke access, which will be followed by a conformation with a green ribbon at the bottom 'Shared access revoked successfully'.


☝🏽 Note
- Sharing can only be done after a report is saved not prior to it.

- If a staff member doesn't has access to the student or the summary feature, sharing would supersede the permission only for that summary (a general note below will be displayed while sharing)

Reviewing Pastoral Records

Records Tab

To locate a student's pastoral record history, hover over the student's name from the home board and 'view profile'. Click into the records section and use the filter to select pastoral. Change the date range to search if you would like.

You can then scroll through the student's pastoral notes, or use the export button to download the notes into a sheet.

Reports Tab

If activated in your school's account*, you can also view a Pastoral Report for a student under the Reports tab in his/her profile.

Click on Reports and make sure that Pastoral Summary is selected in the menu. Below you can view a list of pastoral records over a time frame of your choosing, a pie chart of pastoral types, and any pastoral points earned by the student.

Pastoral records has a new centralised view, that is all of students' pastoral records in one place. Read more about it here Pastoral / Behavorial Records Overview Page.

*If the Pastoral Report is not visible in your school's account, please connect with your Customer Success Manager

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