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How to create Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner rolls?
How to create Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner rolls?

You could use either Automatic or Manual roll checks to conduct these rolls.

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From the dashboard, go to the 'Admin Console' section and navigate to 'Rolls' under the 'Attendance (Supervise)' section.

Click on 'Add New Roll Type' and choose 'Daily Roll Check'. In case you want to have an Automatic Roll based on the Student's current location, choose 'Automatic Roll'. To know more about Automatic Rolls, click here.

Name the roll and choose if you would like to have this roll for the entire school or for a particular house.

From the 'Default Options' section, choose who is to be invited by default, the location of your dining room to automatically check-in present students and a default alert message that can be sent to Absentees.

You can configure the 'Permissions' of this roll under the 'Permissions' section. And finally, enter the codes you want as options while taking this roll.

Using the above steps, you can also create rolls for the following use cases:

  • Wake-up

  • After-school Check-in

  • Bedtime Check

  • Class Attendance (For this, you can use the Class as a filter while initiating the roll, using filters)

  • Field Trips/Activities

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