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Attendance Records (Overview) Page
Attendance Records (Overview) Page
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Attendance Records Overview

The Attendance Records (Overview) tab is a master list to view all your attendance records in one place. This page has been designed with Attendance Managers and Administrators in mind and can be found under the Supervise/Attendance tab. A link to 'Roll Settings' is also accessible from here if you have permission to manage roll settings.

Group Roll Records

Group Roll Records capture attendance for a group of students such as classes or regular daily rolls. On this table you can filter records by Not Started, In Progress, and Completed on a day by day basis. Note that Not Started rolls will only apply to rolls that are scheduled in advance like classes or automatic rolls.

Tip: Filtering rolls by 'Not Started' or 'In Progress' can help Attendance Managers or Deans follow up on staff that have not marked attendance on time.

Student Roll Records

Student records capture attendance for an individual student. You can filter by Roll Code, Code Type, and Pass/Excuse Type, or search for a specific student. This gives you a daily overview of who was present, absent, late, and excused.

Tip: You can filter based on Passes/Excuse to get a list of students who are expected to miss class for the day.

Example of a student who was excused from class because they had a Pass/Excuse during the class period.

Example of a student who was marked present.

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