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Summary :

Like Attendance has its own insights (dashboard) page, we have made a similar insights page for Communications. It is available under the Communications tab called 'Overview' Depending on the user access, an admin and a non-admin user will see different sets of widgets. Admins can seek insights into communication metrics such as message types used, usage trends, identifying non-responsive students, etc.

  • Admin would be able to see all data i.e communication sent by any/all staff

  • Non-admin will only see - self sent communication data

  • 5 widgets each for both types of users

  • No separate permission is required for this communication overview

  • Administrators seeking oversight and control over school communications

  • Non-admin users aiming to manage and optimize their communication strategies

  • Seamless onboarding for new users

  • Control over self-communication

  • Leaderboard to provide competitiveness among staff hence increasing engagement

🧭 Navigate : Communications > Overview (​use this link to go directly to the Overview)

Admin View & its Widgets

  • Sees data of all staff users (not bounded by permissions)

  • The board takes 15 mins to reflect all data

  • Communication Sent - stacked bar char of different recipients showing total communication sent for a week

  • Hard to Reach Students - list of students who are not receiving or responding to communications

  • List of Students, Contact, Staff - list of all users showing different modes of channels available against them

  • Users 4 Tiles (right) - total number of recipients available and an option to add them by redirecting to the admin page

  • Leaderboard Right (right) - Bit of gamification for staff, stating which users are most active with communication

Communications Sent

-This widget shows the total number of broadcasts sent

-A stacked column chart displaying students, contacts, and staff as categories
-Number of broadcasts sent on the Y-axis

-Date on the X-axis clubbed for 1 week on a rotating basis
-Green color indicates broadcast sent to students
-Purple color indicates broadcast sent to contacts
-Cyan-grey color indicates broadcast sent to staff

-Hovering over any bar color will show the exact no.# of broadcasts sent for that recipient user

Hard To Reach Students

-This stacked bar shows the list of students who are not receiving communications
-Axis on the right indicates broadcasts not received or responded to
-Axis on the left displays the list of students, sorted by the descending order

-Yellow in the stacked bar indicates the number of broadcasts not received
-Orange indicates the number of broadcasts received but not responded to
-Hovering over the bar will show the exact figure
-A maximum of 10 students will be displayed
-Admin could follow up with these students as to why they don't respond to communication

List of Students, Contacts of Students and Staff

-This widget provides a list of communication tool attributes
-3 types of users are listed here - students, contacts, staff (toggled by tabs)

-Sorting is available by first and last name
-Filters are available for - Contact information and Mobile verification
-Depending on the user type filters may vary
-Search bar is provided to search for users on the list
-Export to CSV. option is also available (anything displayed on the list will be exported)
-Green tick symbolizes data is available

Students' list data columns :

  • Student name - name of the student (first and last name)

  • E-mail - email of the student used for Orah or if imported from SIS
    ​(in case not available, will display 'No Email address' in grey)

  • Push - indicates if a student is connected via the Orah app
    ​(in case not connected, will display - 'No Student App account' in grey)

  • SMS - indicating mobile number is available
    ​(in case there is no mobile number, will display 'No Mobile Number' in grey)

  • Mobile verification - Orah allows mobile number verification via OTP
    ​(in case it is mobile phone number is not verified, will display 'No Mobile Number'

-Contacts - Contact Name, Contact of Student, Email, SMS

-Staff - Staff Name, Email, SMS

4 User Tiles (right)

-Students' tile shows the total number# of active students on Orah
-An admin can add a student directly from this board (redirected to Admin>Students)

-Contacts of Students' tile shows the total number# of school-added contacts on Orah
-An admin can similarly add contacts from this board (redirected to Admin>Contacts)
-Staff' tile shows the total number# of staff (active + configured) on Orah

-An admin can similarly add staff from this board (redirected to Admin>Staff)
-Unreachable Students' tile shows total number# of students without email or phone
-This number is the subset of the Students' tile and cannot be more in number
-Clicking on 'View All' below takes the admin user to the list of students applying 'Without any contact information' filter

Leaderboard (right)

A simple leaderboard (with smart complex coding inside) to provide ranking of staff users using communication tools on Orah.

Non-admin View & its Widgets

(a new delicate support article coming soon 🚧)

-Sees only data of self-communications sent

-My Ranking - sees self-ranking for 3 parameters which is tied to Leaderboard

-Communication Sent - stacked bar char of different recipients showing total communication sent for a week

-Hard to Reach Students - list of students who are not receiving or responding to communications

-My Recent Communications - Shows 5 most recent communications sent, accessible on click

-My Messages Sent Total - total messages sent in a pie chart segregated by channels

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