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Insights Overview

Insights is an analytics tool for you and your team the ability to look back on your students' pass, roll, and pastoral history.

Insights give either an overview for each student (list view) or a global overview for your full school, house, or group (graph view).

If you wish to review the student's record in more detail, please click on their name and this will open their student profile.

Accessing Insights

To access Insights, simply navigate to the Unify package and click Insights.

Using Insights


There are many options to help you find the information you need.

You can filter by:
- House/ Dorm
- Group
- Record type: Click on either Pass, Pastoral, or Roll

In this picture, you will see that the pass types all have their own colour. You can click on them to add or remove them from your view. In the below screenshot, Town Pass is currently filtered out of my results.

You can also click the filter icon on the right-hand side to narrow your view to selected record types.

On the right-hand screen of the page, you can choose between the graph or the list view and the ability to export your view.

Try out a few combinations to help get the best of insights. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us using the chat bubble icon (below on the right) in your account.

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