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Pass Overview

Passes give you the ability to request to leave campus, schedule activities, and sign out for things like sports practices. Each pass will go through a workflow that has been specified by your school.

Requesting a Pass

Web App

From your Orah Student App or web app, navigate to the + New section, then select Pass

Select the type of pass you wish to request

Fill in the form and press submit.

iOS App

Fill in the form and press submit.

You will be notified via email and within your account of any updates on this request.

Pass Templates

Creating a Template

If there is a pass you regularly apply for, click the 'save as template' option after you click the submit button. This will allow you to save the key details in this pass form so you don't have to fill in the same details each time.

Simply give your template a name and click to create the template.

Using a Pass Template

Select the + New icon, then Passes to access your pass types and templates.

Select your templates, fill in the required fields on the form, and click the request button to submit your pass

Read the following article to know about Recurring Passes.



If you have any questions after reading through, click the blue chat icon at the bottom right-hand corner of this page. This will start a conversation with one of Orah's Team.

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