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Contact Tracing
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As part of our efforts to assist schools in combatting the potential spread of Covid-19, Orah created a contact tracing feature. Now, this tool is essential for helping to track which students have been close contact with one another.

To access all Contact Tracing features you will need to navigate to the student profile. From here, you will be able to use Contact Tracing under your Report and Locations tabs.

Report View

The report view gives you a list of students who your student has been in frequent contact with and locations that your student has recently been associated with. The report is generated based on the location history of your selected student and your other students' location history.

Note: Make sure that in the Reports section that 'Contact Tracing' is selected in the dropdown menu, rather than 'Pastoral Summary'.

Clicking to expand on either your location or frequent contact reports will provide a detailed list of students which includes overall time spent with each student, exact locations, and specific overlapping timeframes.


A date and location filter is available within the report view so you can complete a more comprehensive search.

Alerts & Exports

Being able to identify and alert your staff members of a possible in-contact case situation is critical. In order to support this, we've added the ability to assign a watchlist item to your students who have been in contact with your selected student. An export option is also available so you can easily pull this list from

Location View

Within your Location filter, you will see a toggle for Contact Tracing, toggle this option on. This will enable your Contact Tracing list assigned to each location. Clicking on the location record will expand on this list and provide time stamps.

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