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Get started with Attendance Insights
Get started with Attendance Insights
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Attendance Insights are easy to set up, letting your school quickly see and share what is important.

There are four steps to get started:

  1. Link Your School Data

  2. View the Dashboard

  3. Customize Filters and Views

  4. Share with Team Members

Step 1: Link your school data

Our dashboards automatically update, so you don't have to worry about imports.
This is made possible through API integrations.

Until you successfully connect your data, you'll see a setup panel at the top of each dashboard page.

How to Connect:

  1. Click on "Get Started" to see a list of school systems that are compatible with our dashboards.

  2. Choose your school management system for step-by-step instructions on how to connect.

If you don't have the necessary permissions to connect, simply click on "Invite IT colleague." This will allow you to invite someone who can complete the setup for you.

Step 2: View the dashboard

Once the connection is active, it may take up to an hour for the dashboard to complete the loading sequence (depending on the size of your school). You will receive an email when the process has finished.

Once loaded, it is a good idea to review the data and check it is accurate - you may wish to exclude different schools or levels from reports entirely, and this can be done from the integration setup - just contact us and we can assist.

Step 3: Customize Filters and Views

Use the filter options at the top of the dashboard to select specific student groups. Filters can be created using SIS groups (classes, activities, teams etc from your school system), tags or houses/dorms.

If you wish to keep a view for others to access later, just “Save to new view” and this will be kept as a tab. You can rename the tab/view at any time by clicking the text label for it.

Step 4: Share with Team Members

Once up and running, your school will get the most out of Attendance Insights by allowing others to access them whenever they need to.

If this is your first Orah product, we recommend using the staff invite feature to bring in key members of the school management team to start with.

If your school already uses other Orah products, you may wish to add Attendance Insights access to specific users or user roles.

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